Pocket is an old app. Over a decade, actually. And in tech years, that’s…real old. Once upon a time, Pocket was a humble browser extension.

But time goes on. That browser extension grew and grew into a large PHP application, and an iOS app, and an Android app, and grew infrastructure roots and features as more and more folks found it a useful tool for managing the things on the internet they didn’t want to forget about.

All that growth and old code needs support. And new direction and new plans and new ways to work together. We won’t sugar coat it - there are a lot of challenges in modernizing legacy systems while simultaneously building out new product features. But there’s a lot of opportunity and fun there, too.

Our goal here is to detail some of those challenges, and how we are trying to solve them - sometimes successfully, sometimes not. We want to write as developers to other developers - messy, at times uncertain, at times excited, and, as much as we can, earnest and open.

If anything we write here helps another dev save time, or solve a problem, or even just makes them feel seen, this blog will have been a success.

Thanks for reading, and keep on working to make the web a better place.

~ ♥️ The Pocket Dev Team